Illegal immigrants… a very hot and extremely controversial topic. Before I start this topic, I will say this: this is my opinion based on what I know and what I’ve seen. I’m not an expert on the matter by any shape or form. That being said…

Donald Trump has brought the subject of illegal immigrants back into the limelight. Regardless of where you stand in the issue, you have to admit that there is  an issue.

I’m not exactly sure what should be done, but I do have a few ideas. To try to be as fair as possible to both sides, I’ve come up with some ideas that  might work.

Create legislation on this subject. Any after the date of said legislation shall only be allowed to stay via legal channels. If they come in illegally, they get deported, period.

For those already here, give them five years to either become a legal citizen, or make arrangements to go back where they come from. Those still here should still have to pay for insurance, just like anyone else. If they can’t, why do we have to pay for them? Noone is paying my insurance premiums or my medical bills. Why do they get special treatment?

I look at it like this: nearly all of these people are trying to get away from their home country to have a better life. Many will work hard to have one. Here’s the problem I have with this scenario: many of them plan to go back home once they’re ready to retire. If their home country is so bad, why are they going back? For family? Maybe they should try to bring them here rather than barely contribute to our country and then go back home when they have enough. I really feel like they should have to choose one or the other.

I can’t just up and go live somewhere that is cheaper. They have laws there and will deport me back here fast and furious. Why do we not do the same?

Have we forgotten that people standing up for what is right and fair is the backbone of this country? Why do people coming into our country illegally have more rights and more help than those born here? We have military vets, people that fought for my right to say this, your right to agree or disagree with me, and they’re  homeless.   Yet illegal immigrants are given free medical, and help to live here while they try to become citizens. That seems ludicrous to me. We can help so many others, but not our troops? Wow.

Please let me know your opinions on this matter. I would like to hear some other ideas. Please don’t just write to say I’m wrong. Think of actual ways to solve the issue and then we can talk.

Again, I’m not sure what needs to be done, I just know that something needs to. Give me your thoughts on the matter. Maybe we can come up with a good way between us all…