Heaping Coals on the Heads of Your Enemies

Proverbs 25:21-22

“If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink:

For you shall heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward you.”

Who among you knows what this means? Upon reflection and study, it becomes clear. Many people, I think, get the wrong message here. “Heaping coals upon the head of your enemy”, sounds really bad, doesn’t it? At first glance, it might seem like you’re being told to feed your enemy and then do harm to them.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. History shows that in this time period, people used coals lit in a metal bowl, called a brazier. It provided heat and light as well as a means to heat or cook food. Without the coals, people starved and even died. Especially in winter.

What this means then, is to share even your coals with your enemies. By doing so, you’re providing them with the most basic of needs and a means to live.

Keep in mind that this is not something that was lightly done in those days. By giving your coals to your neighbor, you could be putting you and your families lives at risk.

The Lord isn’t saying to give to just anyone here either… he says to give to your enemy: the person (or people) you like least or even hate.

To sum this up then: give to your neighbor, even your enemy, and even if it hurts. Wow! This isn’t your next door neighbor or some homeless person you see on the street, this is your enemy! He doesn’t ask you to do this either. It’s a command. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John also have similar verses on this matter as well. “Love your enemies, do good to those that hate you, bless those that curse you, pray for those that despitefully use you.” “Give unto any that ask of you, and any that you give to, do not expect it back or in return.”

Depending on translation, other parts of this read a little different, but in essence say: “Do not even the sinners give to others knowing they will receive it back?”, “Are not even sinners kind to those that are kind to them?”

We are told to lend without the expectation of getting anything back in return, to love others as we do ourselves, and to feed and clothe others; even our enemies. By doing this we will be “Children of the Most High”, and will be rewarded in Heaven.

Do you have what it takes to follow the Lord’s command?

Heavenly Father,

Grant us the strength and humility to be kind to others, to give without expecting anything back, and to follow your commandments. We ask that you give us an opportunity to do something good for our enemies, and opportunities to do things out of character. Our character is not always naturally giving and loving Father, and we ask that you show us how to be better children in your name. We ask this in Your name. Amen.

President Trump

Okay, so I know there is a lot of talk about him already. He’s been in office less than a week, and people are protesting and rioting already. He hasn’t even had time to make any real mistakes, and he’s being judged for what might happen. 

I understand that many people think he’s a jackass, a womanizer, and many more things. He might be those things, not many of us know for sure what he’s done; let alone what he’s gonna do. 

Yet everyone seems to have an opinion about him one way or the other already. Look… he hasn’t really done anything worth judging yet. At least give the guy a chance to screw up before you hang him out to dry. He’ll probably be the most scrutinized President ever to hold the office. 

People are making plans to leave the country over this. If you’re willing to give up that easy, then your heart wasn’t really in it to begin with. Stay and fight! Stand up for what you believe. You never know, he might turn out to be a great President.  (If you decided to give him the same chance that all other Presidents have had.) 

I’m not saying agree with everything he says or does. I’m not saying we shouldn’t watch him. I’m just saying maybe we should wait until he’s actually done something wrong before we lynch mob him. You know? How would you feel if people who don’t even know you did that to you? 

Just a thought…

Company Waste Ethics

WorkHave you ever heard people at work say something like, “I don’t care, it’s not like I pay for it…”? I’m sure most of us have. Here’s the thing, if you work at a large company with maybe a hundred or more people in it, and they all have that same attitude…

You are looking at a lot of people wasting things just because they don’t pay for it. A few dollars a day times several hundred employees equals a lot of lost money. That’s a few hundred a day. That’s just about the salary of someone working there for a year.

I bet most of the people who feel this way also are the first to complain when they don’t get a raise or get a small one. So, maybe they are paying for it, even if they don’t recognize it. I try to look at it like saving the company money gives them more money they can spend on raises. Whether they do or not is another matter. At least I know I did my part.

The Holiday Season

“Tis the Season” as they say… and how many people these days really remember what this season is about besides presents and going into more debt? This is a time to reflect on the greatest gift the world and everyone in it has ever gotten. It is time to reflect on the birth of the man we know as Jesus. Names back then meant much more than most do today. They reflect the character of the person or family they belong to.

Just remember that Jesus was born with the purpose of giving His life for our sins so that there would be no more sacrifices. We are washed clean from the blood that was spilled in all our names. Thank God for that!!

I pray you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

The Testing Factor

The Other Half of Me

When I was young and thought of life

And all that it could be

I knew I had to find

The other half of me.

Everywhere I searched

And all the places I did see

And still I could not find

The other half of me.

I searched high and low

Above and beyond

I found many hearts

Of which I was fond.

But they could not compare

To the one I had not seen

For still I had not found the other half of me.

Then you came along one day

And stole away my heart

Resistance was futile

Even from the start.

So now I’m at this place in time

And the answer came to me

That I need not seek again

For the other half of me.

One day I was on the internet and saw a website where I could enter a poetry contest.  I figured what the heck, why not?  On the spot, I created this poem.  I got stuff in the mail saying I was nominated for the 2005 Poet of the Year Award.  I didn’t win, But I thought this would be a great poem for my future wife.  Once I finally found her, I dedicated this poem to her.  I love you Jen!!


Abortion is one of the most fought over topics these days. Some people are pro-choice, while others are pro-life. Either way you stack it, it’s a hot topic. 

In my mind, there is only one reason why a child should ever be aborted… if having the child endangers the life of the mother. 

I’m a guy, so I cannot pretend to understand the complexities of carrying another human being inside my body. I can’t begin to fathom the type of bond this creates between a mother and child. 

I do, however, know that it is wrong to take a life without just cause. It’s my opinion that once a child is conceived, it is a human being in the making. To stop that process prematurely is tantamount to murder. You’re taking a life or, at the very least, taking away the possibility of life. 

Some believe that if a woman is raped, the baby was forced on them and therefore has no rights. The part about the baby being forced upon them is true enough. As for the rest, however, I must disagree. We can debate when a child is considered a child all day long. I must ask, however, what fault the child has in any part of this? The child did not ask to be born, and should not have to pay the ultimate price for what someone else gets to decide. 

Adoption seems a much better choice to me. I get it. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. Why must the child pay for this fact though? There are so many people out there who cannot have children. Why not alleviate your problem while also helping someone else get through theirs? It just seems like the logical choice to me. 

Feel free to agree or disagree. This is how I feel. If you can give me a good enough reason for why an unborn child should not get the same chance at life as any other… then maybe I’ll change my stance. I doubt anyone can get me to see the other side of this one, but you never know.