The Awakening has been here for awhile. Many of us have felt it. It is a movement that is getting bigger by the day. This category is dedicated to being able to share knowledge with others to better facilitate an awakening in others. There are so many ways in which it can take place. Now there is a place where the information can flow freely.

What is an awakening? It is something that happens to people that don’t accept the normal or accepted¬†view of the world. There are many things going on that most people have no knowledge of. If they had this knowledge, would they still view the world the same? Probably not. That being said, what if there were mind or life altering information available to them? How would the world look then?

The purpose of this category is to provide people seeking knowledge a place to ask questions and seek answers to profound questions such as, “Are we alone in the universe?” The answer to that question could change the way everything we know (or think we know) is viewed. There are other questions such as this, and there may be answers to them that are being hidden from us!

Not everyone is ready to know the secrets within these pages. Please read them with caution, and use discretion when choosing to impart any knowledge gained to others.